Optical green filter (LB) LB6 LB7 LB8 LB9 LB10
Green filter LB6 LB7 LB8 LB9 LB10
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Product introduction:

Ruisen optics can manufacture all kind of optical glass, optical filter, near infrared glass,transmission ultraviolet black glass, neutral grey glass, green glass, yellow glass, band pass optical filter etc. optical filter,optical glass, optical filter, optical element, color optical glass, colorless optical glass, color optical filter, colorless optical filter.
The company's optical color filter is the use of colored optical glass materials, optical processing and surface through vacuum coating, and it has a specific spectral characteristics. In the photography using the company's production of color filters can get the desired result photos.


√ Microscopic instruments
√ Optical metrological instrumentsLaser protective windows
√ Optical instruments of surveying and mapping
√ Machine vision devices
√ Optical detection instruments
√ The popular science optical
√ A digital opticalOptical test instruments
√ Fiber optic instruments
√ Laser Instruments
√ Electro-optic displays
√ Medical opticalInfrared thermography
√ Observation instrument measuring instrument andphotography

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